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Who We Are

We're a group of Engineers passionate about Technology and Construction. We utilize the latest advancements in Digital tools to revolutionize the way we construct the built environment around us.  

With over 4 years working full time on advancing this technology, our Founder and CEO Luai Kurdi is one of the leading 3D Concrete Printing experts in the industry. 

He brings expertise in construction materials and waste valorisation for 3D printable mix formulation and optimisation. Seyed is a Chartered Civil Engineer, and Member of the Institute of Concrete Technology. He leads the research group Additive Manufacturing Technology in Construction (AMTC) established in 2017, which focus on implementing 3D printing technology by addressing material formulation and mechanical proficiency in printed objects. Seyed has been the Principal Investigator of ~£6M on 8 grants from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, British Council, and the European Commission H2020. Two projects worth noting are: 'Direct Writing of Cementitious Inks to Scaffolds with Complex Microarchitectures (DiWoCIS)' and 'Digital fabrication and integration of Material reuse for environmentally friendly cementitious composite building blocks (DigiMat)'.

Luai Photo_2022-4.jpg

Luai Kurdi

Founder & CEO

Seyed Ghaffar_edited.jpg

Dr Seyed Ghaffar

Head of Sustainable Materials and R&D 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make 3D Concrete Concrete Printing Technology accessible to industries around the world. 

As the demand increases on 3D Concrete Printers around the world we help deliver the highest quality fully integrated technology systems to our partners around the world. We also create a unique ecosystem to ensure the connectivity between us and our partners and among ourselves to help share knowledge and experience as this technology moves forward.   

Core Values


We continuously strive to be the front runners when it comes to innovation in 3D Concrete Printing Technology. 


We are determined to be as transparent as possible with our clients and help guide them utilize this unique technology. 


We simplify the process to make this technology easier to use and more accessible even if you have no previous experience. 

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