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All our Technology Systems are fully integrated and consist of all the hardware and software needed

Our Fully Integrated Technology Systems

Fixed System

Our Fixed Printer System offers an easy way to get started utilizing our 3D Printers with minimal space requirements. 

Mobile System

Our Linear Track Printer System offers an extended Print Volume suitable for long spanning elements. 

Printhead Technology Options

1K Printhead

All of our 3D Printers come with a 1K Printhead as a Standard configuration. 

The 1K Printhead Technology is a simply and fast way to start with 3D Concrete Printing. The 1K Printhead Technology is limited to an overhand of 12°.

2K Printhead

Our 2K Printhead Technology is an Optional Add-on that you can add to your Printer Setup. 

With the 2K Printhead much more steel Overhangs are achievable even up to 45°. The concrete is accelerator at the Printhead using a Mixing Chamber and Motor. Having the concrete only harden at the Printhead makes cleaning the Mixing Pump and Hoses much easier as the Concrete does not start hardening until it reaches the Printhead.  

Polymer PRinthead

Our Polymer Printhead Technology is supplied by our Partners at Dyze Design. 

The Polymer Printhead gives you the ability to Print lightweight elements with a thin layer thickness that are suitible for indoor use where heavy weight can be a proplem. It also gives the ability to Print complex shapes & geometries due to the smaller layer heights.