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Mixing Pump Condition
Printhead Technology
1K (1 Component Printhead)
2K (2 Component Printhead)
Steel Pedestal (50cm high)
Silo (1.2m3)
Conveyor Screw
No Add-ons


Fixed Configuration (left) Vs Mobile Configuration (right)

1K Printhead (left) Vs 2K Printhead (right)

1K Printhead: able to achieve geometries with overhangs up to 12°

2K Printhead: able to achieve complex geometries with overhangs more than 45°

Steel Pedestal; Extends the Print Height

50cm - In Stock

Higher than 50cm - On demand

Conveyor Screw (left); This connects the Silo with the Mixing Pump and Ensures Constant Material Weight & Pressure within the Dry Powder Hopper. Enhances Print Quality. 

Silo (right); Used for Dry Powder Material storage and for Automated material feeding into the Mixing Pump.